Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ) are pleased to be co-hosting a meeting at Parliament with Dr Duncan Webb MP for Christchurch Central on March 13th 2019. All Members of Parliament have been invited. ENZ is also inviting key people to discuss the health challenges of people suffering from endometriosis, contemporary treatment options and how legislative reform supports improving health care.

This is a critical time for those with endometriosis. Why? Because, while we have been at the forefront of support, education, information, supporting research and best practice care, nothing will change until there is policy and legislative change.

Yes, we have been successful in gaining world recognition for our work over many decades.  In fact that the Endometriosis NZ website is recommended by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, as the ‘go to place’ for information and help for anyone seeking such.  There has never been government funding for the work we do and for our resources that are used and promoted.

This meeting on March 13th is a critical one – to state the case, to present your comments, to embrace those from the Medical Colleges and others who are also voluntarily supporting our work on the Task Force and to let them know that the new Clinical Pathway for Endometriosis in New Zealand is currently under peer review and will need Government support to implement.   This meeting is critical to make that happen.

WHAT YOU CAN DO. Tag in or contact your local MP and personally invite them to attend the March 13th meeting at Parliament. Share your endo story with them.

Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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