On Friday 2nd December 2022, Harriet is taking on a mammoth challenge. For eight consecutive days, Harriet will be running and biking from Farewell Spit to Ross in the South Island. A total of 650 km!! 650 km is the same distance from Auckland to Wellington!!

Harriet is proudly sponsored by


We’re thrilled that you’re keen to help us out! Endometriosis New Zealand relies on our generous community across New Zealand to continue to provide unique and professional services and programs to improve health outcomes for those living with endometriosis and persistent pelvic pain. We don’t receive any government funding, so it’s people like you who make all this possible.


Rob Racing for endo

For over 12 years, Rob’s partner Alex has been battling endometriosis. Without seeing the effects and the struggle first-hand, Rob would know almost nothing about this disease. To spread awareness, raise funds, and ultimately do his part for Alex and others living with endo, he will be participating in three 70.3 distance races starting this December.

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Running for Endometriosis NZ

“It’s something I’m passionate about because I’m one in ten, and a number of my loved ones are affected by Endometriosis too. Raising awareness and sharing our stories is so important, so others can get help and support they desperately need, earlier.

Endo is debilitating, and exhausting. Classic symptoms include painful heavy periods, chronic pelvic pain, all sorts of bowel problems, lower back pain, painful sex, fatigue, and can impact general physical, mental and social wellbeing.

I’ll be running a 10km at the end of year to raise money and support the vital work NZ endometriosis does. 

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Ella and Ben’s Ironman 70.3 for Endometriosis NZ

” I am fundraising for Endometriosis New Zealand, who’s resources have been extremely helpful to understand what is going on in my body, and explain to others a disease that is invisible. The work they do for young people, research and advocacy is huge for the endo community in Aotearoa. Competing in the Ironman 70.3 is going to be a very big challenge! But I am hoping that training for this event can raise some awareness about endometriosis and prove to myself that while this disease is part of my life, it doesn’t control it!” Ella

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New World Howick 2022

For the month of April New World Howick supported us again for 2022!

Endometriosis New Zealand was selected by the Howick community as one of the three organisations they would like to support. Every time a customer shopped instore; they were given an opportunity to vote for their organisation of choice by placing a token in the organisations box which they would like to support.

$926.61 was donated to Endometriosis New Zealand, thank you so much! A very special thank you to Savannah who kindly went down to the store to receive our cheque!

Gems Half Marathon for Endometriosis NZ

Gemma entered the Queenstown Half Marathon to raise awareness and shine the light, on a very important condition, so many women suffer from. 

“Like so many other women suffering from endometriosis the journey to diagnosis can be long, painful and frustrating. Through my own personal journey, I have become particularly passionate in raising awareness and education for women and feel this is a great opportunity to not only run 21.1km but to do it for a charity that is close to me heart (or should I say uterus!” Gemma from Christchurch.

Charlie’s Kāpati Half Marathon

Charlie completed the Kāpati Half Marathon. Congratulations.

“I have chosen to run for Endometriosis NZ because this is such a far-reaching condition that so many people have to deal with. Everyone will know someone who is suffering with it, yet so many of us suffer in silence. Learning more about endometriosis helped me make sense of many things I’d been struggling with for years. Being armed with the right information and support really empowered me to ask the right questions, look after myself better and push for solutions.
Having the endo removed made me realised how it really crept up on me over a number of years. I got used to being foggy, exhausted, bloated and sore and it just became the norm for me. Now I feel like a different person! I’m aware that it’s likely to come back, but I’m trying to enjoy my newfound energy while I have it. There are so many support networks out there now, and I’m finding more and more friends to connect with and share experiences and tips with. That stuff all really helps.” 


Please let us know the details of your fundraising event by filling out this form and we will be in touch and provide you with promotional resources to help you spread the word about your event.

Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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