We’re thrilled that you’re keen to help us out! Endometriosis New Zealand relies on our generous community across New Zealand to continue to provide unique and professional services and programs to improve health outcomes for those living with endometriosis and persistent pelvic pain. We don’t receive any government funding, so it’s people like you who make all this possible.


Belinda’s Wellington Round the Bays for Endometriosis New Zealand

Belinda Birchall, one of our Board members, is competing in Round the Bays in Wellington on February 18th 2024.

“I’ve suffered from the symptoms of endometriosis for nearly twenty years, finally being diagnosed in 2019. Anyone with endometriosis knows you are a bit at the whim of your body, which makes it really hard to sometimes to push yourself and exercise! However, despite the tough slog, I’ve always found exercise a great way to manage my symptoms.”

Anja Barugh’s Queenstown Marathon for Endometriosis New Zealand

Anja Barugh, an Olympic Halfpipe skier, is competing in the Queenstown Marathon on November 18th 2023!

“My life as an athlete is driven by a relentless passion for pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles.

One significant challenge that has profoundly influenced my journey is my battle with endometriosis. This condition has not only impacted my training regimen but has cast its shadow over every aspect of my life. Engaging in conversations about endometriosis has been both daunting and essential.

I am fuelled by a burning desire to serve as an inspiration to these girls, urging them to see sports as a formidable tool for personal growth and unwavering resilience.”

Jenna’s Auckland Half Marathon for Endometriosis New Zealand

Jenna is all set to take part in the Barefoot & Thompson Auckland Half Marathon on October 29, 2023!

“This is something I have never done before and is completely out of my comfort zone. I wanted to give myself a goal to focus on when completing the marathon and decided to raise money for a charity very close to my heart.

Fundraising for this charity is very close to my heart as myself, mum and sister all suffer from this illness.”

Canterbury Half Marathon for Endometriosis New Zealand

Maddie is running the half marathon in Canterbury on 10th December 2023.

“I’m doing this run to spread awareness around endometriosis and let others know that they are not alone! I hope this shows those with endometriosis that you can still do the things you want to do, push yourself, and try new challenges because this is definitely going to be a new challenge for me!”

Half Marathon for Endometriosis New Zealand

Genevieve is extremely passionate about endometriosis, as she is one in ten.

“After five years of complaining to my doctors about chronic and debilitating pain and being told it was ‘normal’ and sent away with painkillers, I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis in 2018. Although there is no cure, surgery has helped to alleviate some of my symptoms. While endometriosis is something I will have to live with, I have found other strategies to manage some of the symptoms – including running!”

Genevieve completed the Wellington Half Marathon on 25th June 2023.

Pedal 2 End Endo

Wei completed a cycling adventure from London to Edinburgh, 770 km. But this was not just any ordinary ride. He embarked on this journey to raise money for Endometriosis New Zealand en route to the World Congress Endometriosis 2023.

“As an O&G trainee at Auckland City Hospital, I have seen firsthand how endometriosis wreaks havoc on the lives of wahine and their whanau in Aotearoa. The complications, isolation, and stigma associated with this disease are heart-wrenching. As a healthcare professional, I am determined to contribute to building awareness and funding more research towards combating endometriosis.”


Please let us know the details of your fundraising event by filling out this form and we will be in touch and provide you with promotional resources to help you spread the word about your event.

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