Strength through support – mā te tautoko, ka whai kaha, ka ora

Endometriosis New Zealand is New Zealand’s national endometriosis organisation.

We represent the tens of thousands of girls, women, and those assigned female at birth, who live with endometriosis in New Zealand and we work with those who treat the condition and researchers to find solutions. We provide unique and professional services and programs to reach individuals, communities, workplaces, and all stakeholders involved in improving health outcomes for those with endometriosis and persistent pelvic pain.

Endometriosis New Zealand


In 1985, along with Margaret McKenzie and the late Joan Moultrie, Deborah Bush founded a regional endometriosis support group.

Their vision was to support people suffering with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain.  In 1994 Deborah developed the group further into a Registered Charitable Trust, known as the New Zealand Endometriosis Foundation Incorporated (NZEF), operating now as Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ).

For over 35 years Deborah Bush led Endometriosis New Zealand to be at the forefront of internationally recognised services and programmes. Deborah has had a global influence in the field and has significantly influenced early recognition of endometriosis symptoms and timely intervention in New Zealand.

Deborah’s dedication and commitment to provide knowledge, innovative programmes and support networks for those suffering from endometriosis has benefited tens of thousands of endometriosis sufferers all over New Zealand, through her expertise, leadership and vision.

Tens of thousands of people, throughout New Zealand and abroad have contacted ENZ over the years – many desperate for information and support. The passion and drive to change the course of history of endometriosis, has relied on the unique skills and talents from within the organisation setting global standards of excellence in developing and delivering initiatives, providing services and fostering research. ENZ has been a major player

in contributing to facilitate the wellness of endometriosis sufferers everywhere.

Endometriosis New Zealand is at the forefront of internationally recognised services and programmes. 

Recipients of:  

  • Commonwealth Award for Excellence in Women’s Health
  • Health Innovations Awards 2007 (Finalist for ‘me’)
  • Paul Newman award 2007 (Winner)
  • Feature article in the World Endometriosis Society (WES) e-journal 2009
  • Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2012 (Finalist)


Special Features

Our logo symbol is taken from the traditional New Zealand Maori design known as the koru – the symbolism of the unfurled fern leaf.  The koru, highly pertinent to our country and cause, depicts new beginnings and fertility, harmony and growth.  Our koru design is unique to ENZ but represents all individuals as they strive to live well with endometriosis and pelvic pain.  Our logo shape is also suggestive of the ‘e’ representing endometriosis everywhere.

Endometriosis New Zealand

Our base colour is black – very kiwi, with spring green for new life and hope and magenta pink for energy, strength and femininity.

Mate kirikōpū is the Maori name for endometriosis and has been officialised in the Maori language.

Our motto ‘strength through support’ ‘mā te tautoko, ka whai kaha, ka ora’ is key to our unique character and philosophy as we aim to greatly improve health outcomes for girls, women and those assigned female at birth through our services, programs and advocacy.

Strength through support - mā te tautoko, ka whai kaha, ka ora

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