Undercover ENDO HELP

Written by Ara Journalist Student.

I went undercover to use Endometriosis New Zealand’s helpline service, ENDO HELP – here’s what I found out.

I’m looking to find out more about Endometriosis New Zealand’s ‘ENDO HELP’, a free service that efficiently educates those seeking to learn more about the condition.

For some, it is a pathway to being medically diagnosed. For others, it’s a tool to better understand what their loved ones are going through and how they can help.

To learn about how this process works, I arranged a consultation with ENDO HELP operator and National Educator for Endometriosis New Zealand, Tayla Gray.

My ‘persona’ was a concerned teenager. She’s suspecting she may have the condition following a talk at her High School and is looking to find out more about it.

Here’s what I uncovered during this conversation about how this helpline truly does help:


My initial impression of the helpline was that it was very well-structured. Upon further investigation, I realised that this was – funnily enough – because Endometriosis New Zealand recently restructured it.

The Project Manager for ENZ, Heather Pearson, says “Ensuring ENDO HELP is straightforward and easy to use is essential. We ask the user for specific goals they want out of the appointment when booking online.”

After a brief disclaimer you are directed to Ezybook.com, where privacy and cancellation/no-show policies are outlined.

ENDO HELP booking system

From there, you simply select the time slot that best suits your schedule for a 30-minute chat.

Your call cannot and will not be recorded by you or the operator to ensure complete discretion.

The consultation

It’s a simple process; ask any questions you may have about endo and you’ll be given answers backed up by years of thorough research.

Tayla Gray – the operator – has personal experience with the condition herself and so will listen and relate to you with empathy. In addition, her time working in St John’s 111 communications centre as an operator means she knows how to put you at ease and give you the best help possible.

As your questions are being answered, Tayla will direct you to information on ENZ’s website that will be your guide as you or your loved one go forward with your endo journey.

For example, questions regarding pain management may be directed to the health nutrition webpage. She will then go through step by step to ensure you fully understand how you may implement these wellness habits into your daily life.

Going forward

This may be a helpful tool, but ultimately Endometriosis New Zealand makes it very clear in ENDO HELP’s disclaimer that the consultation is not in any way a substitute for a visit to the GP. They simply seek to educate you and guide you along the path towards diagnosis.

If you are interested in booking a free ENDO HELP call, you can do so easily here.

Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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