Symptoms of endometriosis and hyperemesis during pregnancy

2016, Responses from: Dr Charles Koh and Prof Neil Johnson

Does getting pregnant help women get rid of Endometriosis? I have heard from other people that symptoms go away while pregnant and while breast feeding, but I haven’t found any solid information on this or if having a child can sometimes get rid of Endometriosis all together.

Dr Charles Koh: Pregnancy may suppress symptoms temporarily but these return after delivery. So the old ‘advice’ to get pregnant to get rid of endometriosis is untrue.

Prof Neil Johnson: You’re right, solid information is sparse. But our experience is that most women’s symptoms may disappear (or at least improve) during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Anecdotally there is a permanent improvement in symptoms for some women.

Does having endometriosis subject a pregnant woman to being more prone to hyperemesis? What hormone is responsible AND, for those not diagnosed, could it be a ‘heads up’ symptom of endometriosis?

FYI – Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a complication of pregnancy characterised by severe nausea and vomiting leading to weight loss and dehydration. It is more severe than morning sickness.

Dr Charles Koh: None of these are true.

Prof Neil Johnson: There is no known association between endometriosis and hyperemesis gravidarum, so as far as we know, this can’t be considered a ‘heads up’ symptom of endometriosis. The hormonal cause – probably a combination of beta hCG and progesterone.

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