Supplements, endometriosis and fertility

2016, Responses from: Dr Phill McChesney and Dr Lakshmi Ravikanti

I’m 23 and my husband is 28. We’ve been trying to conceive for a year with no luck. In that time I’ve had 2 surgeries to treat mild endo as well as an early miscarriage. Does anyone know if there are medications other than folic acid and iodine, to help conceive and stay pregnant?

Dr Phill McChesney: “In terms of conceiving and staying pregnant in the setting of mild endometriosis, unfortunately there are no simple medications that clearly benefit. Taking folic acid supplementation is important for all women trying to conceive and iodine is mainly important once pregnant.

For most women, an early miscarriage is a chance event (in the order of 15% at a young age) due to chromosomal abnormality of the pregnancy, and is not related to any pelvic pathology. There is a high chance of a normally progressing pregnancy in the future, without doing anything differently. Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle for both partners is usually all that needs to be done.
Fertility is a complex issue and when there is a delay or anxiety, a thorough investigation of both partners by a fertility specialist is the most appropriate way forward. Once investigation is complete, there may be various options available to hasten conception.”

Dr Lakshmi Ravikanti: “If you have not conceived after trying for 6 months, you should consult a fertility specialist. You can do this by contacting a fertility clinic and making an appointment. This 23 year old woman would be eligible for a publicly funded consultation. Both the woman and her partner need further investigations.

When a woman is trying to get pregnant she should continue taking folic acid 0.8 mg a day until she is 14 weeks pregnant to prevent neural tube defects in baby. She can start taking Iodine as soon as she gets a positive pregnancy test.”

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