Join the Endometriosis New Zealand Team

By joining the Endometriosis New Zealand Team as a regular giver, you become a part of our team that strives to help improve the lives of 120,000 New Zealanders that suffer with this debilitating disease.

Endometriosis New Zealand’s mission is to ensure endometriosis sufferers, their whanau, their friends and loved ones have the information, education and support they need to manage their endometriosis. Please join the team and join us on our mission.

By giving as little as $10 a month you will help ensure endometriosis sufferers don’t face their condition alone.

Endometriosis New Zealand offers free endometriosis support services that educate and support thousands of individuals living with endometriosis every day, but we don’t receive any government funding. We rely on people like you to join our team and help support endometriosis sufferers. 

Our mission is to support people on their endometriosis journey, please join our team and join our mission.

The significant lack of information and education on endometriosis, means many sufferers have difficulty accessing treatment and managing their symptoms. Endometriosis New Zealand is Aotearoa’s leading provider of support and information on endometriosis, helping people to understand the condition and empowering those living with endometriosis to take control of their condition and feel heard.

By joining the Endometriosis New Zealand Team, you become one of our loyal supporters who are committed to doing everything possible to shed light and provide support for those suffering with endometriosis in Aotearoa.

You can join the Endometriosis New Zealand Team by choosing any amount and the frequency you would like to donate to suit your needs.  

It’s easy to set up a regular donation through your bank account or credit card on our website. When completing the online form, choose “fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual gift” as the gift type. You can pause or stop this at any time if you wish.

Endometriosis affects the lives of 1 in 10 women, girls and those assigned female at birth across Aotearoa. When you give to Endometriosis New Zealand, you give to thousands of New Zealanders who desperately need your support.

Will you join the TEAM? To find out more or join our Regular Giving TEAM call us, on 03 379 7959 or email

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