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Words to describe living with Endometriosis


I hate you, and I mean HATE.
The random emotions you throw at me, the way you give my body extra hair….. Hair I don’t really want.
You make me feel ashamed, ashamed of how I look.
The extra pain I have to feel every month, pain that many women feel. So hard to describe, but pain that keeps you off your feet.
Endo, I HATE you for letting me bleed for weeks. Do you know how tired it makes a person? Do you know how a person feel.
You make women ashamed to talk about you because you do things to our bodies, you make us fat, give us stretch marks, painful bowel movements and make us feel worthless.
Every cycle, every cell, every day…. How can one win when you feel lost in your own body.
I hate you

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Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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