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The pain that never ends

Category: Delayed Diagnosis and Impact on Quality of Life.

Hi my name is Rebecca 17 years old. It all started when i first got my period they became really painful and heavy I was repeatedly going to the drs to ask for help as I was missing out on school and other social activities. I had been told I had a pendicitous, I was taken to hospital to be sent home and told I didn’t have one and then it was a hernia which wasn’t true. In the end I was put on the depo injection to stop the bleeding and told You will grow out of it we can’t find anything wrong. I hardly had pain until 2 years ago and I would get the depo every 2 months instead of 3 and it became worse so I tried the jadelle. I also have urine infections all the time. I ended up moving towns and my new doctor was amazing she got onto the problem straight away I was declined from gynae as there wasn’t enough evidence which my doctor pushed and I ended up having a lot of trips to the hospital and nothing much was done until I had an ultrasound appointment and I was taken into surgery that day as I had blood trapped inside my uterus. After that a few months later I had a laparoscopic booked to see what was going on. As time went by I had my appointment and they found endometriosis all over my pelvis and on my bladder and ovarys. I also had my jadelle removed and the Mirena inserted to see if it would help with my bleeding. It has now been over a month since my operation and I have had a lot more severe pain. It feels like I am being stabbed in the vagina and lower stomach. I ended up in ED unable to move much as the pain was so horrible I was in over night waiting on an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed more blood trapped inside my uterus which my mirena had moved and was now floating. Also there is a 3cm cyst on my ovary I ended up being discharged and sent home in pain still. I am now waiting on a doctors appointment to see what’s happening with me as I’m in so much pain still. I am also waiting for a specialist appointment for the next step of removing then endo. I feel really upset and depressed as my life has been put on hold a I’m always in pain. My education is really important to me but I find it hard to attend class and I am getting behind in a lot of things.

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