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Strong Woman – You Matter

For years and years I thought when women had their periods it was normal to feel pain, nausea, excess bleeding, headaches, constipation, diarrhoea and more. As time went by this pain became a daily routine. Like many other women, I too would resort to self talk to harden up and keep on keeping on. Misdiagnosis, multiple miscarriages, fertility issues & two laparoscopic surgeries to remove both fibroids and severe endometriosis unfortunately all this seemed to be in vain as it did not materialise the one elusive, precious dream for us to have a child. Last year the pain returned, a debilitating rectal pain. A trip to my gynaecoligist & a MRI revealed severe endometriosis adhesions to the rectum causing it to be distorted. It was a huge relief to finally know it was not ‘all in my mind’. The diagnosis could have been worse but it was just Endometriosis again! In view of my case history on 15 March 2018,  I underwent a successful three hour laparoscopic surgery performed by my gyn and bowel surgeons for a full hysterectomy, managing to save my two ovaries and removal of endometriosis adhesions . My surgeon was very happy with the outcome however cautioned me if ever the pain came back it meant endo was back & to pay heed. Two weeks now post op, I am optimistic and looking forward to a new energetic, healthy lease of life. My hope  in sharing my story is to encourage you to talk and share your pain, your story as ‘You Matter’ and one can find ‘Strength through Support’.

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Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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