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Second time Lucky Maybe

Category: Impact on Quality of Life.

I was 14 years old when I started my period and right from the get go I always felt something was off. I spent most of my intermediate and college years in and out of hospital and the countless doctor appointments I went through, all for each person to tell me that there was nothing they can see on the many scans I underwent.

My pain was unbearable and the bleeding was like no other, and the only thing doctors could give me was pain medication to manage the pain over the years. Here I am 15years old onwards being medicated on tramadol and codiene each month year in year out everytime I had my period & have since grown a tolerance with these types of meds to date that no longer do me any justice!

Fell pregnant at the age 20, year of 2014 and birthed a healthy young girl all the while still combatting endometriosis *still undiagnosed*. Within the next 2 years after having my daughter i found myself back in hospital on 3 occassions on my monthly cycle each time in mass pain and bleeding before finally being scheduled for a Laparoscopic surgery to get some answers as to why I am going through this.

The year of 2016 at the age of 22years my surgery finally revealed that I did indeed have endometriosis! About time I was able to get an answer! The growth was found on my ovaries, fallopian tube and exterior areas of the uterus which was a bloody miracle I was able to have a child in that state, as I recall my Gynae telling me on my follow up. What was meant to be only a 3hr procedure was about a 5hr surgery instead.

Fast forward Surgery done and dusted, mirena inserted during surgery to help me ahead and thought to myself it’s now going to get easier here on out. I felt encouraged, I felt ready and strong to push through knowing a part of myself that was so debilatating since I was a young 14year old, my life will be so much easier. So I absolutely thought…..

First 2 years after removing the endo were ofcourse alot easier until towards the end of 2019 to 2020 my symptoms had flared up again, between that time I have been in and hospital again on 3 occassion. Twice for ovary cysts bursting and severe bleeding and pain on my cycle and as of Nov 2020 another scan was done and traces of endometriosis has since grown back after removal 5years ago and now on a waiting list for another surgery. 2nd time lucky! Hopefully!

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Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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