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Oh you may have Endometriosis

My periods started when I was 12 and there was discomfort – it wasn’t until they they became regular a few months later that the pain started. Every month I would turn green and faint be sent to the school sick bay and the school would phone my father, only one car so always my father, who would pick me up. I would go home and my mother would put me in a warm bath, give me aspirin, a glass of gin with sugar and hot water, a hot water bottle then send me to bed for the rest of the day. When I was about 14 years old my mother took me to the doctor the choices were being put on the pill as it “might sort it out” or go the hospital pharmacy for strong pain medication. So for the rest of high school into university and adult life it was the same and on occasion changing from aspirin to stronger pain killers. It was hard to get pregnant with miscarriages and a pre-term baby – it was when my premature baby was born when the doctor said “Oh do you have Endometriosis” I replied I don’t know what that is. In reflection if I had known, if the doctors had known then I would have not missed so much school (1-2 days a month for 5 years then university/work) – not had so much alcohol feed to me at morning tea (gin/sugar/water) – taking very strong painkillers. Hindsight is great -in the future if my nieces or if I have granddaughters and if they experience pain then I will (hopefully) get help for them with a possible reason for the pain.

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