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My Uphill Battle

Category: Delayed Diagnosis, Diet, Fertility, Multiple Symptoms, Polycystic Ovaries, and Teen Symptoms.

Looking back now to when i was a teenager i am still reminded of the sheer pain i endured through out my teenage life to adulthood . i was 12 when i first started menstrating . like any first timer the whole transition to womanhood is nerve recking . i wasnt use to or knew what it was supose to be like i assumed it was normal for every young girl to go through what i was experiencing. i was quite a petite child and never had any weight issues that all changed once i started menstrating i started to bloat more in general and over the next 20 years i would always gain and lose weight and no mater what i did i would always looked bloated even after any weightloss.. my periods were so heavy and painful at times i would cry myself to sleep and deal with my pain in silence my lower back would hurt and sharp pains i would endure in my abdomen and my private area would feel like it was being stabbed multiple times with a knife only way to describe it i would clot heavy aswell while attending intermediate and college i would be paranoid if i was menstrating . any long periods of sitting down when i would stand up. it would feel like a waterfall was about to happen. i would go to doctors visits i was always having kidney infections and urine tract infections well so they thought.. if i could count how many times i tracted urine infections over the last 20 years prior to my diagnosis i would say 10 plus anyone that has ever had 1 can say they can be quite painful. yet there was never any follow up i would get medicines or antibiotics to treat it. then a few months down the track i would go through it all again. this was the norm for me. i moved in 2007 or 2008 when i moved from auckland to bay of plenty i had a got used to my symptoms. by now i was now 28 and had been suffering since i was 12 i hadnt had children yet and i wasnt trying too but over the years i assumed i would have them without any health issues in bay the if plenty i had same doctor from 2008 to 2014 had visited numerous times for infections. pain heavy bleeding etc but no further testing was ever done. this leads me to 2013 if anyone was to ask me what 2013 was for me the only word to describe was HELL. i remember everything that year. i got sick alot. always felt like i had the chills. in july that year i had one of the worst tract infections ever i spent a few days in hospital and a week off work. my job was a busy place. at times i would overthink things like do they believe me when i call in sick or go home early. anyone that knows me knows that im a hard worker and only time i take off if im sick. my mum had just moved down south after my latest tract infection and was having second thoughts on going i told her ill be fine. in august i sprained my ankle in a dumb moment so i was off work while it was healing. Fast foward to september 5 weeks i was still not healed from my sprain ankle. on sunday 21st september i woke up like any other day but previous night i had bad case of diarhea i assumed a tummy bug by sunday morning it cleared i was feeling better through out the morning i did normal stuff cleaning etc by mid day i had finished and decided to take a shower. while in there i could feel sharp pain in lower back area not to pain full or no concern at that point and by mid arvo i had forgotten about that. i decide to cook a sunday dinner for everyone we had family visiting that weekend while the rest were out at local park. me and younger sis was home. during food prep i started to feel those sharp pains i did earlier in shower. confused i carried on cooking dinner and just tried to shrugg it off i got through dinner prep and that. about half hour after i had finished cooking my pain symptoms started to intensify at that time i was home with my brother inlaw and he had his 2 children rest of my fams were at another fams home by the time i tried to eat what i cooked the pain was to unbearable it hurt when i took deep breaths. if i sat down it would hurt the only way to cope was to walk and pace myself. by now i was in so much pain i was crying and confused i also had vomited a few times. i couldnt drive myself . my brother inlaw had his kids i didnt want to go on ambulance so i rang a younger sibling he could tell by my voice i was in pain and he rushed over to take me to the nearest AnE at hospital on way to hospital he kept asking me you ok whats wrong i kept saying i dont know. he had to pull over a few times as i was vommiting and feeling lightheaded. by time i gt 2 hospital i could barely walk. felt like forever waiting to be seen. they took me to a room for blood tests. urine test during that time the pain just got worse. i dont use painkillers much in general so they gave me panadol. nothing then ibruferon nothing then tramadol which now i knw doesnt respond well to me. then codeine. still nothing thn they started morphine dosages which only worked fr 10 to 15 mins then i was back at square 1 again and in more painand still no answers to what was wrong with me. they eventually checkd me into a room not my own room i had the worse ever night in my entire life. i didnt sleep a wink. it hurt in any position i tried to lay. my bowel movements had me going to the toilet often and was told to be quiet by a nurse when the pain got to be to unbearable i cried due to the pain. next morning i was visited by docs all of them talking about me like i wasnt even there by this stage i was so tired i wanted sleeping pills to help me but they couldnt as i had a day of testing ahead. i overheard one of the docs saying. sounds like kidney stones… i googled symptoms was oh ok least i know what it is. nope that all changed after i had xrays and other numerous tests done. it was 2 days after being admitted when i got some proper answers to why am i here and whats wrong. they thought i had poly cystic ovaries. and thought what i had could be treated

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