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My Endometriosis Story

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My name is Kendra I am a 19-year-old student, living in Aotearoa (New Zealand), I am here to tell my short (but full) journey or my symptoms and diagnosis. I am writing this in the hope young women like myself feel comforted, not alone, and can advocate for their own health and symptoms.

My story starts on the night of the 09th of December (I had an IUD put in about a month prior). I was going about my day like usual and I started feeling this intense feeling in my stomach, I remember looking at my boyfriend and just saying “I need to go to the hospital”. I was experiencing what I thought were ‘like contractions of pain’, it was awful and the most painful thing I have experienced. It took around 4 hours to be seen at the hospital, they had no idea what was going on (surprise not), I had internals which just made the pain worse, they gave me medication but I was still in horrendous pain. We left the hospital at around 2 am, I was given a heap of antibiotics and pain relief, and I stayed in bed for the next week. However, two days later I went back as I was experiencing the same pain, they gave me an ultra-sound and said “it is a ovarian cysts rupture”.

That summer was awful I was constantly in pain and not knowing why, I just kept taking pain relief and ‘putting up with it’. Fast forward to 2021, I had recently moved to uni and I guess this is when all the symptoms of endo started defeating me! I remember feeling sore all the time, it eventually got to the point I was in and out of the doctors not knowing how to heal this pain I was experiencing.

I have a family history of endo, so that has always been in the back of my head but I was still telling myself “it will not be that”. Doctors and gynecologists have even told me “you have over a 90% chance of having endo”. My main symptoms were painful sex, cramping in my stomach/left side of my body, bowel movements were painful, and feeling fatigued.

My doctor referred me to a gynecologist (private), after about 20 minutes of talking she wanted me to have a laparoscopy and an ultrasound to see if the cysts were still there, etc. I went for a scan and no cysts, nothing was wrong this pushed back my wait time for the surgery and I had made it clear in my head “it’s just my periods”.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to any girl it would be to not let anyone or even yourself tell you you’re symptoms aren’t ‘bad enough, or dismiss your pain thinking it is in your head. After the scan, I saw another gyno (through the public health system) and was put on the waiting list for a laparoscopy.

Approx. seven months went by and I got a call to come in for surgery in two days. I was overwhelmed, scared and anxious. But I am so glad I did it. The surgery was approx. 90 minutes and they did three small incisions and took a biopsy. I had endometriosis.

I just want to say I am so very blessed to have a diagnosis within three years of symptoms, I am aware the average time in NZ is about “8 years”. I feel for your girls and I am sorry, but you are so strong.

If you have made it this far, thank you, and please if you are experiencing any symptoms of endo, etc. please go to your GP and seek help. Even though I have endo I have it under control and am grateful for this (as I know it’s not the case for every girl).

Thank you this is my story!!

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