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My Endo journey

I am 26 years of age when I got told that I have signs of mild endometriosis. It wasn’t til I did my own research and spoke to family that I made the conscious decision to look into this issue that I was facing. Prior to this I had no knowledge or idea of what endometriosis meant or what it was. And this is particularly due to growing up in a place (Fiji) where there was not enough education and awareness around endometriosis. And I probably didn’t go to get checked up partly to do with the fear of women being misdiagnosed and being told that it isnt endometriosis and just period pains. Although, I have not been properly diagnosed I have been told by my gynaecologist that based on my regular checkups and tests that I have a mild case of endometriosis. And also based off of the signs and symptoms that I face. One of which has affected my relationship with my fiancé and our sex life (sharp stabbing pains during and after intercourse). However, he has been my rock and very supportive and understanding throughout my Endo journey. I am truly thankful that I had done my research and gotten the help that I needed, because prior to this my quality of life was bad. And after getting the medical help I needed I feel like my life has improved to some degree.

I am glad however that these days women who suffer from endometriosis are being given a chance to speak up and to get the medical attention that they require. And this is solely based off of my experience. And that endometriosis is being treated with more seriousness and urgency. Although, there’s still a long way to go it’s awesome to see that there are changes being made within the medical system.

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Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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