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Invalidity/Invalidity of Endometriosis with mental health issues

My period when I first got it was only as bad as a bad headache, sometimes I would need to lie down or take pain killers but it was definitely within the “normal” range. After I turned 16 my periods got progressively more painful, I had to take painkillers other wise I couldn’t function… my period was bad and getting worse but still within the normal range, i think, I could take supermarket painkillers and be better, so I guess that’s what my definition of “normal” pain is/was. … Then I got hit by a truck, literally. After 3 surgeries I was out of the hospital, lucky to be alive let alone have full use of all my limbs, but that was a really traumatic experience for a 16yr old, within a second to just go from chatting with friends to having a near death experience… because of that after I left the hospital and saw a therapist I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety. During all this my period only continued to get worse. It came to a head when I got my period and I felt like a had been stabbed, my period felt like a constant punch to the gut combined with intermittent stabs in time with my heart beat, if on a pain scale of 1-10 with 1 being a papercut and 10 being when I got hit by the truck… this was a solid 7 or 8. I cried and begged mum to come home from work early to take me to the doctors, we are 3hrs away from the nearest hospital so that wasn’t an option. I waited 2hrs to see a doctor, mum had to help me limp inside the building, it hurt so much I could barely walk, the doctor prescribed panadol and contraceptives, asked me 5 times if I was sure I hadn’t had sex recently and told me that if it wasn’t from a STI then that means it was all in my head, stress from my accident. Obviously the panadol wasn’t enough, panadol combined with neurofen was what I had been using before and my pain was even worse than that now, if I could have lightened the pain enough with just neurofen and panadol I wouldn’t have bothered going to the doctors. I still had painkillers left from my treatment for my accident(the good stuff) because I had been trying to take as little as possible like my surgeon had recommended. Obviously I don’t recommend using painkillers for a purpose they weren’t prescribed for but it hurt so much. Next month the same thing happened, went to the doctors again, she insisted that I must not have taken the contraceptives she had prescribed(I had), we were outraged, the way she had described it to us, taking birth control would fix the pain, since the pain wasn’t fixed in her mind I was lying, obviously this was a problem with her not me, I had been nothing but honest and she was brushing off my obvious pain like it was nothing, she spoke to me so incredibly rudely, no one has ever spoken to me like that before, I wouldn’t lie about taking them, we paid to see this doctor!! I wouldn’t ask mum to take me if I didn’t need to go!! Mum helped me to reception and she had a yell at them, she had even seen me taking the birth control pills she knew I wasn’t lying, that doctor just didn’t know what she was doing, they rescheduled me with a different doctor. The new doctor prescribed me more painkillers… and a different birth control. He said “keep using the first one for at least 6 months, see if there’s any improvement, if not use this one I’ve just prescribed you” that seemed like a more sensible answer, he explained instead of just shoving birth control at me with a “this’ll fix her” like the old doctor had. After a year of birth control(6months trying each one) it had made my depression so much worse, and nothing had changed, neither birth control had done anything to lessen my pain, the panadol and neurofen only lessened the pain enough that I could walk around normally on all but the first 2 days of my period, on the first two days I can barely walk because of the pain even if I took more than the safe amount of painkillers… which I usually ended up doing, I went way over the normal dosage for panadol and neurofen because it was never enough for me to function anymore. I went back to the doctors after that 1 year and was yet again prescribed a different birth control, and more painkillers. This has been going on for 3 years now. Trying out a new birth control only to discover, lo and behold nothing changes. No one listens when I tell them it hasn’t worked, it ‘s not that the brand or dosage of birth control has bad side affects, it’s that it does nothing for my pain at all no matter what type or combination of hormones is in it. I tell them how long it’s been going on, they look at my record and say “are you sure it’s not stress, maybe it’s because of your PTSD, I think this is something you should be talking to your psychiatrist about”, I have and she agrees with me, it’s a physical medical condition which isn’t related to my mental health issues except for the fact that constantly being in pain for a whole week each month is obviously making me mentally feel even worse!! I’ve done everything they’ve told me nothing has worked, 8 doctors and no one believed me, I even brought them the information about endometriosis because so far the internet has had better advice than the doctors, they still refused to even consider the possibility that my pain is caused by anything except a side affect of my mental illness. I don’t even know for sure if I have endometriosis because no one will help me, it doesn’t matter what is causing it as long as I can find out so I can start to work on treating it, it’s frustrating that it’s taking so long to even get the opportunity to run simple tests or even get an examination done. I have booked a doctors appointment for this afternoon, I came on this website to read others stories and give me extra motivation. I don’t want to be in pain anymore, I don’t want to have to plan all my time and activities around when I’ll be in pain. I know by now that doctors can’t help but this time I’m not leaving the doctors until I get a referral to see a specialist, I’ve even researched the specialists to figure out who is the best in my region for me to see. If they want me to leave without a referral they are going to have to physically remove me from the property, not that I’m going to cause a scene or anything, I’ll just sit there and not move. Please wish me luck everyone!! I really hope they listen this time.

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