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Hope and Happiness

HI my story may give all you ladies hope that we can defeat this desease, My journey started with my periods,bad and ugly and no knowledge about what a period should be like,after three kids and and a life slowly stalling I found out at 47 after passing out while out one night and waking to find a drip of Iron in one arm and blood transfusion in the other that i had serious problems so what was going on, I had severe Adenomyosis,Fibroids and Endometriosis as it turns out and my uterus the size of a 5 month pregnancy, I got a appointment to see a very good lady gynecologist who listened and did tests and also booked me for surgery incase other methods didn’t work. Within a short time I was in for a subtotal hysterectomy as my other options had run out leaving surgery which left my cervix and a ovary and a finding of all my parts almost glued together, I was great for 8 months and then I started bleeding again and my pain returned and my endometriosis went berserk I could hardly sit down let alone walk and life was no existent, I needed help and I got it i was very persistent but she saw me again quickly and gave me options and listened to very word I said,I ended up been transferred to her colleague at her request due to the difficulty of my needed next surgery who was a dual trained laproscopic Endometriosis expert,he was a lifesaver,he agreed to operate and even he said it was going to be extremely difficult so after a MRI which confirmed his findings i was back in surgery in a short space of time my 5hr surgery was extremely difficult but after a fantastic surgery by a equally fantastic surgeon i had all my endometriosis taken away by excision and a total hysterectomy done.I haven’t looked back i have a teenagers life again I have not felt so good in years,I went from a cripple that lived on the toilet and ate more pills than food to a life i never knew I would ever have again so thank you from the bottom of my heart to some great professionals in our public health system that gave me the chance to restart my life in the best possible way

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Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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