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Getting pain day nd night.

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I was a 23 year old girl having the time if her life having party and going with friends, every time I got my period I wonder why it was really bad I had really bad pain on my lower tummy and back and very heavy periods . I have been having for 3 years now and I thought it was just normal having really bad as pain so when I moved up to Auckland last year I was working at a company called ‘produce company’ it was like heavy lifting and getting stuff on time. I was there for a year the last 4 months while was working there was good till I starting getting back pain really bad and my lower stomach. I kept going to a male doctor and he thought it was just a sore back because I was doing heavy lifting. I kept going doctors a lot getting different pills to help my pain but nothing was working for me, one day I had really really bad pains and so I went hospital to have a check up they said I was find like my blood and other stuff . They were trying to figure out why I was getting pain, till the doctor at the hospital said that they gonna scan inside my stomach so they did then the next day I got a call and the said I have ENDOMETRIOSIS. It was showing I have 2 complex cystic masses, he was explaining to me what is was and he said I have to go to my doctor so he can tell me more about it and he got me with a gynaecology but I waited for 4 months just to see a gynaecology and boy taking a lot of drugs just heal my pain. I have to go though 4 pills each day, so I waited and I saw her she was telling me about it and saying I need surgery because I have one at the back of my pelvis that is 6cm x 4cm x 4cm and one on ovaries that is a large 10 cm x 6cm x 7cm on my right. I saw her in May, she said I have to wait for 3 or 4 months and it’s pass 3 and 4 months and my husband email them said why is taking for ages because they said the do the ones that is really bad and they said I have to wait for another 3 or 4 months I hope u like my story and what is going around me . I hope I be painless free soon thanks for reading

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