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Getting it off my chest, briefly…

Category: Delayed Diagnosis and Impact on Quality of Life.

I was told by my male Dr that my crippling, can’t walk, panic feelings from the pain, ovulation pain was just something women have to put up with. This started happening after my 1st baby. Then pregnancy 2 & 3, I had premature labours (with both), I was told I had an irritable uterus but no one said lets see why, 20 years after first symptoms I had my first surgery, that was in 2006, and I was told I had age on my side so it shouldn’t come back, i was 42. But here I am, at 54, waiting for surgery with a full hysterectomy because it’s back with such vicious vengeance. This is as long as my uterus and ovaries can even been seen as they may be completely covered in adhesions! I’ve probably had some symptoms again for 10 years but just pushed them aside as I didn’t think it would come back. IBS has been back for a few years and it has triggered fibromyalgia now as well migraines again and of course, all the horrific pelvic pain. 32 years of it, I want it to all to come to and end like you wouldn’t believe. Currently waiting for a surgery date, I have a very caring and empathetic Gynacologist. I’m so exhausted from constant heavy bleeding and pain which effects my life daily. When I have a good day, boy do I appreciate it. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest x I am so tired.

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