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Endometriosis symptoms for me, started in high school although I didn’t even know the existence of the word let alone what the word stood for. All I knew about periods was that they were normal and that everyone should feel the pain I was feeling. Looking back now after 2 surgeries I can say that there is a huge lacking in education for woman about endo. At an all-girls high school we learned about sex education, we held fundraisers for breast and ovarian cancer, we learned the importance of pap smears BUT we never once heard the mention of Endometriosis. They say 1/10 woman have it. So in my school of 1350 girls, there were 135 of us sitting there that had the potential to have endometriosis and yet there was no education. I had a poor attendance record when my period came, the pain and every other symptom associated with endo meant I struggled to be in class. The pain was so bad it was truly indescribable. If I was at school I went to the nurse to be sent home. When they would not send me home I sat at the back of the classroom not listening not thinking not responding to anything other than finding a semi-comfortable position to try and make the pain more bearable. I can describe the pain but it would not be pleasant in the slightest to read about. those who have endo will know the pain I am talking about I had multiple Drs who put me on panadiene and other painkillers. They told me these will work, they didn’t. After taking the pain relief I would sit in pain for 4 hours until I could have some more. This was not an addiction the pills simply didn’t take my pain away. I believe the teachers started to think I was a waste of time, that they thought I was bunking, that I wasn’t interested in school. When I missed school I missed days not a few hours. I missed days of lessons, I tried to teach myself what I would be missing but I couldn’t and I was too scared to say anything because there was little to no teacher to student relationships. Without the diagnosis of endo, I was classed as a drama queen someone who needed more iron tablets, needed to harden up, have some concrete and deal with it. I lost my job because I didn’t look happy enough when I was on my period in so much pain. Sex hurts a lot. Sometimes / all the time. WITH NO EDUCATION COMES NO UNDERSTANDING. To anyone that thinks their Period isn’t normal, get checked out. If you don’t think your dr is on the right track get a second opinion. if you have health insurance go to a gynecologist that has experience with endo. Try the endo diet do what works best for you but don’t sit there and let people tell you it’s your fault, that it is all in your head, that you’re over exaggerating it. Going to my gyno endo specialist was the best decision made and money I have ever spent. I am mostly pain-free and that is the most I could have asked for and the best I have felt in years.

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