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#dontsufferinsilence #itsoktonotbeok

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Did you know.. 1 in 10 women have endometriosis and many of them are suffering in silence? I was one of them for the past decade or so and now I have been diagnosed with stage III endometriosis. Monthly cycles have always been a killer for me as the pain would be so severe I would have to cancel all plans including school and work. I always found sports and exercising in general to be super exhausting and would forge a letter to my teachers with my mums signature for every PE class: “Tiffany is unwell and is unable to attend sports – again” I hated moving too much. I remember many times, my previous work colleagues and even doctors would tell me to just pop some panadol and soldier on. “You can’t just take time off work every time you bleed – what the heck”. I am super thankful to know now that all those years with the strange symptoms I was experiencing was not “all in my head” and that they were real. I was not exaggerating when the pain felt like ten million knives are stabbing my stomach. Surgery is scheduled a few days after my 30th birthday this month – scared to bits to be honest as I have never had surgery like this before, let alone surgery that requires me to take three weeks off work and another three to heal completely. The sad thing is that endometriosis will never go away permanently, I will most probably never be able to conceive and I may need more “kutz” later on but this has been a major turning point in my life as it has made me want to look after myself better by eating healthier, exercising more and coming back a stronger person. So if you are suffering or know of anyone that experiences abnormal period/pelvic pains, please do not ignore or overlook the symptoms. They are not “all in your head”. Endometriosis is real. It exists. #dontsufferinsilence #itsoktonotbeok

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