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Diagnosed at 15

I first got my period at 13 years old they were light and minor pains. My period didnt interfere with my life, it was annoying but that was all. Once I turned 14 my period pains went from minor to excruciating. I started to collapse from the pain and nearly fainted a few times. It began interfering with my life I had to stay home from school and miss out spending time with friends like a normal teenager. My doctor thought I was too young to have endometriosis despite that I have a family history of endometriosis. My Mother knew there was something not right about my level of pain and pushed for me to go to a specialist. I went to the specialist when I was 15 and my specialist advised me to have a diagnostic laparoscopy. I went ahead with the surgery and was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. I was put on the birth control pill to reduce the speed of the endometriosis growing back. On the birth control pill I was advised to take the sugar pill for a week every 4 months as not having a period reduced the time it would take for endometriosis to grow back. I felt good afterwards and I felt normal again. 7 months later I began having weak bladder and as embarrassing as it is to say began uncontrollably wetting myself. I went back to the specialist and she said the weak bladder was due to lack of estrogen from the birth control pill. My specialist changed my medication to cyperterone acetate and progynova. I was told I could continue to take these pills back to back and never to have a period again which was very exciting news. Around 2 months of being on the new medication I started feeling these excruciating pains like ones I had before my first operation. It was like I was having a period without the blood. The intense pains lasted for around 10 days which is a normal length of period for me. I went back to the specialist and was told that the best option would be to have another operation (diagnostic laparoscopy and removal of endometriosis and adhesions) so we could figure out the best treatment. This was 9 months after my first operation. I was hoping that my first operation would of been my last. I had my second operation and they found more endometriosis and alot of adhesions. I had my second operation when I was 16. Having two operations within 9 months was less than ideal but I guess it really goes to show that there really is no cure. With my second operation I also had a mirena inserted in hope’s that this would significantly reduce the growth of endometriosis. My operation was around 5 weeks ago and I have been continuously bleeding for 5 weeks on my period and the pains are rather painful. I’m guessing that the pains are quite strong as everything inside is still healing and inflamed. I am telling my story because I want young girls to know that having excruciating period pains that interfere with your life is not normal. Some of these treatments may work great for others but the thing is with endometriosis that it affects each person so differently. My doctor and specialist have been so very helpful and always have my best interest and so will yours. It’s okay to ask for help.

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Finding a way forward with hope and strength

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