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Adenomyosis – A Woman’s Right to Priority Surgery & Care like All Others

Kia Ora,

My name’s Raewyn. I’m 45, a Mum of 3 sons I had in my mid years aged 7,6 and 3. I’m also Maori. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis in 2019 after excruitiating episodes of pain had me hospitalized and scans showed tissue of the endometrium wall being the cause of discomfort. In less than 4 months I was then to repetitively experience more than 3 emergency hospitalizations based on pain and the need for morphine. My most recent episode occurred epitomizing the heightened pain of pregnancy contractions without gas or relief no doubt those of us who’ve given birth would know the pain to those women who haven’t to know it.

My struggle today in sharing my story is our public health system that seems to fail – or maybe has just failed me – more thorough and incident specific relevant investigations to offer emergency hysterectomy solutions for women who make the decision to take that option for their consumer needs.I struggled especially in conversations with health professionals my right to a quality of life solution instantly and immediately available to me as other immediate surgeries would be other individuals of other conditions.

Whilst I was unable to attain what would have been a sensible, logical and pragmatic assessment of resolve to a condition of recurring pain and discomfort to a patient, perhaps a liberating outcome from the struggle has been a decision I made whilst in hospital (public and symptoms minimized for fiscal reasons made plain to me in requiring a surgery plan) has been the choice to go private for surgery, care and recovery I have otherwise been denied as a public health consumer.

In having that liberty, my adenomyosis gifts me with caring for myself, and the value I am to my quality of life is a gift I embrace and share. As women who suffer this malady may we all feel empowered to take up the options healthcare provides us with and the solution a hysterectomy has been recommended to be a solution to the condition.Albeit not immediately, rightfully and accessibly available in the public system as readily as it could be (and arguably should be) I love my condition for giving me the gift of firmness from continuing to suffer infirmity and give thanks for the fruits and blessings of my womb I have from it, my gorgeous, beautiful and amazing children.I give thanks for my womb and thanks for its return to Our Creator as well. Loving ourselves, our bodies, value to the world and right to enjoy our lives is so important as women are to the world. We have the right to enjoy quality of life at all ages when the solutions are within reach and fiscal capacity. Arohanui, Raewyn x

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