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20 years of pain

When I was 15 it was the start of my appointments with a gynecologist. I had pain, heavy bleeding, fainting, vomiting and crippled in pain. When I seen him he put me on the waiting list to have a laparoscopy. It took a year as they didn’t class it as urgent. They found endo, gave me pain killers and told me to get on with life. Get on with life, yeah RIGHT!!!!. After 2 years of putting up with it, I went back to see my gynecologist. I was in tears and in pain. He told me I was a neurotic female and just gave me anti depressants for my neurotic behaviour. 4 years later, I had another lap and they found out that the endo had spread and was all over my bowel. I was sent to see a specialist in Auckland and he took it all off, it was painful and I seen a pain specialist there and they gave me awesome advice and decent pain relief. I suffered with pain, nausea and heavy bleeding after 4 years.

After another lap, they found more. It was decided that they would use a mirena. This worked for 3 and a half years and I couldn’t even walk to the letterbox. Then my gynecologist thought maybe we should try zoledex. Having this every 28 days was painful. Once again only lasted a year. I seen my gynecologist 4 years ago and he said we had tried everything. I said to him that I wanted a hysterectomy as the bleeding was out of control so was the endo and pain. He said no I was too young and hadn’t had children. I was 41 at this stage. I asked for a second opinion and he gladly referred me. After waiting only 6 months I got my second opinion and he said well you have tried everything else, he would do the hysterectomy if I would talk to a psychologist and see him again in 3 months. I did this and felt good about my decision. I told him I wanted a hysterectomy, and he agreed to do it. It put it as urgent on the waiting list and 6 weeks later, 3 days before Christmas I had my hysterectomy. I was lucky he was able to do it laproscopicly, so I only had 5 small cuts. The bad thing was he had to take everything out as it was all stuck together with endo. We had hoped to keep an ovary to regulate my hormones. This wasn’t the case. It has been 3 years since I had my hysterectomy and I’ve never felt better. I’m on hormone patches, no pain, fatigue and I’m exercising daily. I have lost 10kg since then and I’m continuing to lose weight and getting a life worth living. I have to be on calcium and vitamin d tablets as going through surgical menopause has an effect on your bones….but that’s a small price to pay.

I know that hysterectomies don’t work for everyone, but for me it was a life changer. I have had support from Endo NZ, in the way of talking to some people and listening to the interviews and that’s what really helped me.

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