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The ENZ community is filled with amazing people who want to support others and we are often asked if there is some way to contribute to the work we do every day. Well, we are super excited to announce that we’ve recently joined everydayhero, a platform for people to register their own fundraising events or join an existing event to support a charity dear to their hearts… like us.

How everydayhero helps: “Since we were founded in 2007, everydayhero has been helping people all over the world, just like you, connect with and support the causes they love. And in helping these wonderful people, we’ve learned that giving isn’t just about money. You also give your time, your voice, your energy, your heart… your self, all of which makes a huge difference to the causes you care about.” -everydayhero

All you need to do is be creative:

  1. Think of an event… big or small. It could be a party where guests donate to Endometriosis New Zealand instead of giving gifts, a work-place mufti-day, high tea, or fitness event… anything that will allow you to fundraise at the same time. Or you could join a major existing everydayhero event like ASB Auckland Marathon and make Endometriosis New Zealand your charity of choice.
  2. Go to our Endometriosis New Zealand’s everydayhero event page and create your very own event by clicking “start fundraising”. The event will automatically link to our page and will allow your friends and colleagues to donate to your fundraising goal. This makes it really easy to share. Don’t forget, you can find ENZ info to use in your event description on our ENZ website.
  3. Invite people to participate by sharing your event on your social media platforms or emailing friends with a link to your event page. Don’t forget to tag Endometriosis New Zealand in on your event.

Have a fun and thanks in advance for your support!

ENZ everydayhero page

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