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Spring is here and so is this season’s latest ENZ newsletter. Our issue focuses on what you can do to help yourself with endo symptoms, expert opinions and ENZ updates. We hope you love this season’s tips.

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Don’t forget to share your endo story on our new ENZ story forum. http://mystory.nzendo.org.nz Sharing stories is one way of helping yourself and offering support to others.


Auction Night

Thanks to Kiera and Nix Fashion Blogger NZ and all of the businesses who helped raise money for Endometriosis New Zealand. The auction night was a huge success and raised $3,310… fantastic work everyone! xo


Ask ESIG: Endometriosis Special Interest Group.

ESIG is our team offering expertise in the treatment and management of endometriosis. You’ll find files on so many topics which answer your questions. For example:

·       Zoladex

·       Endometriosis and Exercise

·       Psychological tools for managing pelvic pain

·       Mirena or Jaydess?

Go to: https://nzendo.org.nz/esig-ask-an-expert/ and check through the files. If you would like to ask ESIG a question, let us know via PM or email.


ESIG Question

A recent Ask ESIG question was: Do you know of any exercises to help with my endo pain?

Leanne Wait, an ENZ ESIG expert, answered this question.

Pelvic Floor Release Exercise – Leanne Wait

Pelvic floor release exercise – STOP, DROP & FLOP

With persistent pain like that experienced with endometriosis often comes a whole-body response where the nervous system becomes sensitive and certain muscles groups may become overactive as a type of protection. The pelvic floor is one such group. Commonly when I assess I find the pelvic floor muscles are tight, sore and they can be hard to release and relax.

When the pelvic floor is overactive doing pelvic floor strengthening usually compounds the problem making it tighter and sorer. Instead you may need to do the reverse which is like a reverse pelvic floor or kegal exercise. Can you release and lengthen your pelvic floor?

This can be a little tricky to master but the way I find most people understand it best is to talk about wind – (aka farting 😉).

Let’s try the Reverse Pelvic Floor which I call STOP, DROP & FLOP

STOP – Sit or lie comfortably and relaxed

DROP – Pull up like stopping the flow of urine and holding wind. Then let go and try and relax a little more like letting wind sneak out quietly as you might if you were in a meeting, on an aeroplane or somewhere else you may not be able to excuse yourself from. This feeling of releasing wind is not pushing the wind out which usually makes a loud (fart) noise. It is a sensation often described as a softening, lengthening, opening, releasing and letting go feeling felt around the vaginal and anal openings.
FLOP- Also release your stomach and let it go floppy and relaxed
Spend a minute or 2 relaxed and belly breathing then continue with what you were doing.
Repeat STOP, DROP & FLOP every 1-2 hours during the day to help reduce overactivity in your pelvic floor muscles.
If you are unsure a pelvic health physio can help you to know if your pelvic floor is overactive and how to release.


Endometriosis New Zealand - ESIG - Experts in the industry

Physiotherapist, Leanne Wait
Company Director Inside Out Physiotherapy


ENZ and Youth Update 


We are continuing to run the me™ programme in schools across NZ. The me™ programme stands for Menstrual health and Endometriosis and is a well-health secondary school programme. It’s unique, informative and designed to fit with the school curriculum. ENZ seeks funding each year to educate thousands of students. Like us, participating schools think it’s super important to educate students about menstrual health and endometriosis to empower them to seek help early for symptoms that may be affecting their life. Our aim is to roll the me™ programme our nationally.

We are looking for more corporate sponsorship much like that provided by Fulton Hogan.  It’s a great thing to do for the community and the health and well-being of our youth.  Please email info@nzendo.org.nz if you know who would love this opportunity.


The me™ programme

Here’s a big shout out to Roncalli College and Marian College who both raised funds for the me™ programme.

Tayla, one of our me™ educators, loved teaching the me™ programme to the senior students.



We acknowledge all of our wonderful sponsors.



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