Funding needed for essential endometriosis support

November 2022 | Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ) has issued a call to Kiwis to consider providing vital donations to help the organisation operate its free information service.

On Tuesday, 29 November, or ‘Giving Tuesday’ – a global movement seen as a civically minded antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday – ENZ is hoping Kiwis will spare some change for a small organisation tackling a monumental problem.

An estimated one in 10 girls, women and people assigned female at birth are affected by the chronic and often debilitating inflammatory condition, but despite its prevalence, very little exists in the way of publicly funded services to help those affected by endometriosis find a diagnosis and navigate their management options.

In fact, the present pathway to diagnosis is so drawn out, in New Zealand, there is an average diagnostic delay of eight years. Many of those living with endometriosis see numerous doctors and specialists before receiving a diagnosis, and diagnostic delays often have an immense impact on mental well-being, education, career, and relationships.

Tanya Cooke, CEO at ENZ, says Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to raise awareness of a disease that affects so many in Aotearoa, but also an important fundraiser for the nonprofit organisation, which presently receives no government funding.

“Fundraising is always a challenge, particularly during a cost of living crisis. We are asking Kiwis to consider giving only what they can spare to help us continue our important work, which includes providing endometriosis information, education, support, research and advocacy for people facing unacceptably long diagnostic delays.”

Cooke says that while funding in this space is negligible, the need is massive – now, more than ever.
“Endometriosis New Zealand has seen a steady increase in requests for support
since the start of the pandemic, and that continues unabated,” says Cooke. “Many people are suffering and desperate for help.”

The organisation is hoping to raise $10,000 before Christmas, which will help keep the information service operating across the next year by funding 200 information, support, and advice appointments.
Users of the service are unequivocal about its importance, with many providing heartfelt endorsements*:

  • “The person I talked with on the phone was absolutely fantastic! This was the first time I have been able to talk with someone about my endo-related symptoms, and she made me feel so supported and heard. I was offered some very good advice which I will be following”
  • “Having someone with genuine compassion and realistic advice was amazing!”
  • “The endo help call gives people the confidence to do something about their pain. They also give you all the information you need.”
  • “Knowing you’re not alone with endo is important. Having someone to talk to who has access to specialists and experience talking to women across the country means you might get information that otherwise could take years to hear about.”

*Comments anonymised for privacy

Cooke says she hopes Giving Tuesday will spur Kiwis to donate to ENZ so more sufferers can receive the same support.

To donate to ENZ this Giving Tuesday, visit the ENZ Giving Tuesday Raisely page, or visit

Many people with endometriosis often feel isolated and overwhelmed. To find out
more about how Endometriosis New Zealand can help, visit

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