Endometriosis New Zealand farewells founder Deborah Bush MNZM, QSM.


1st April 2022

For over 35 years Deborah Bush has led Endometriosis New Zealand to be at the forefront of internationally recognized services and programmes. Deborah was farewelled in March by the organisation she co-founded.

In 1985, along with Margaret McKenzie and the late Joan Moultrie, Deborah founded a regional endometriosis support group.  With a vision to support women around New Zealand, Deborah developed the group further into a Registered Charitable Trust, Endometriosis New Zealand.

“Deborah’s dedication and commitment to provide knowledge, innovative programmes and support networks for those suffering from endometriosis has benefited tens of thousands of women all over New Zealand, and her expertise, leadership and vision will be missed by the Board” said Felicity Evans, Interim Chair. 

Deborah has had a global influence on the promotion and prevention of endometriosis and is probably best known for developing the world’s first Menstrual Health and Endometriosis(me™ programme) for secondary schools which has significantly influenced early recognition of symptoms and timely intervention in New Zealand.

Her determination to have national guidelines saw the development of the ‘Clinical Pathway for the Treatment and Management of Endometriosis in New Zealand’.  Without her tenacity these guidelines would not have been developed. Furthermore she has made a significant contribution to the literature and her achievements are reflected in her national and international awards. She has used her talents and skills to craft a unique career grounded in her passion and commitment to make a difference to those with endometriosis and pelvic pain, and influence change. Her expertise and respect in the field is world-renowned.

Endometriosis is a common inflammatory disease estimated to affect 176 million girls and women worldwide and 120,000 in New Zealand.  This is roughly 1 in 10 New Zealand women who suffer from this debilitating disease.

“The ENZ Board would like to thank Deborah for her unwavering commitment to Endometriosis New Zealand, and to those effected by endometriosis.  We will continue to build on Deborah’s legacy and wish her well in the future” Ms Evans said.

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