Is fibromyalgia caused by endometriosis?

2016, Responses from: Dr Charles Koh and Prof Neil Johnson

I have had a hysterectomy / bi-lateral oophorectomy and now have fibromyalgia. Many of those I know with endometriosis who have had similar treatments, also have this condition. Is this a pattern caused by endometriosis?

Dr Charles Koh: “It is an association sometimes, not a causation.”

Prof Neil Johnson: Although there is not a strong association recognised between endometriosis and fibromyalgia, because of the autoimmune features of both conditions, there is some overlap. So yes, women with endometriosis are more prone to having fibromyalgia. We’re not aware of any causative link of surgery such as hysterectomy/bilateral oophorectomy and the development of fibromyalgia.”

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