2023 March Awareness Month

March is International Endometriosis Awareness Month and this year we’re focused on better educating the community about endometriosis symptoms, so New Zealanders can get diagnosed sooner!

On average, endo sufferers will visit their doctor five times across more than eight years before they are diagnosed. That’s eight-plus years of living with unexplained symptoms that significantly disrupt everyday life. We’re here to change that.

This month, we’re encouraging girls, wāhine, and people assigned female at birth to stop and think: “Could it be Endo?” and then start a conversation with their health professional.

Get involved and join us in advocating for better education of endometriosis this March.


Donate today to support us and improve the lives of those suffering with endometriosis.

 Educational Events

Attend one of our educational events with your friends or whānau.

Host a High Tea

Host your own High Tea this Awareness Month! Simply extend an invitation to whānau, friends, and colleagues to join for a cozy cuppa or even a high-class garden tea party filled with yummy treats.

Endo Challenge

Support our important work by taking on a challenge this March. Pick any distance or event and walk it your way! Alone or with family and friends! in costume, colour theme or just in your favourite shorts and tee-shirt. Adrenaline junkies what about skydive or bungy for endometriosis? Fundraising minimum $750. Or Forest Gump inspired marathon or a team relay sprint, just pick a time and a place and get your comfy sneakers on.

There’s still time to become a Challenger!

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We are on the hunt for like-minded community-focused businesses to become Endometriosis Awareness Month corporate sponsors.

Share your story to raise awareness and the symptoms of endometriosis.

Our March Awareness Month Sponsors:

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